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  • hp5mj-1是柔软白云母板,hp5p-1是柔软金云母板,它们适合于电吹风、电烙铁、电加热棒、电机等需要卷绕的电加热设备,用于钢铁、冶金等行业的各种工频炉、中频炉、电弧炉等的高温绝缘,以及作为石棉替代品用于汽车排气管垫片等。


mica material for heating equipment is a kind of plate like made of muscovite paper or phlogopite paper mixed with proper adhesive after pressed and baked. it has good mechanical strength and property of heat resistance. it can be used within 550--800 degree centigrade for a long time. now it has been widely used in matallurgy, chemical engineering and electric industries, etc. .the quality of our product is stable and reliable and its characteristics have reached or partially surpassed the international standard (iec ,tüv,rohs and so on). 

model hp5mj hard mica plates made of muscovite are applied to electric rice cooker, electric oven, microwave oven, electric sterilizer, electric heating coil, etc. .

model hp5p hard mica plates made of phlogopite are applied to heating equipment with high heat resist grade.

model hp5mj-1 soft muscovite plates made of muscovite and model hp5p-1 soft phlogopite plates made of phlogopite are suitable to be used as insulating parts which need to be rolled for electric hair dryer, electric iron, electric heating bar, motor, and to be applied to high heat resist grade of metallurgy industry equipment, for example, middle frequency furnace, arc furnace, etc. . they are also used as gasket materials on automotive industry instead of asbestos materials 

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